Up Coming Adult Classes

Friday, November 1: 9am-3pm (English Class)

Saturday, November 9: 9am-3pm (Spanish/English Class)

Saturday, November 23: 9am-3pm (Spanish/English Class)

Check In On-Line

 Skip the lines at the DPS. Here is the link to check-in on-line. Just choose your location and follow the prompts. It is just like getting a number at DPS, without having to waste your time waiting. Checking in on-line allows you arrive at DPS at the right time and avoid the long lines. 

Impact Video

The state of Texas requires all license applicants to watch a one hour video. This video shows the consequences of distracted driving. Whe you have completed the video(s) please printe out 2 copies of the certificate; one for the DPS and one for the driving school you will testing at.

Third Party Skills Testing Program

We are a licensed location for the DPS. This means we are able to administer the driving test. Please call us to set up your driving test.